Simple and reliable home control

Expert installers of Smart home and Home Automation , we are able to offer our customers an extensive selection of cutting edge smart home technologies. We are confident in our ability to design and fit a smart home system tailored to your requirements.

Smart home System Installation

With our years of experience providing smart home automation we are able to supply products and technology from some of the most well respected brands in this industry including Fibaro, Loxone, Sonos and Nest.

Our smart home control systems will be designed to meet your specific needs, allowing you remote control over your entertainment systems, climate control, lighting and security systems. Whatever your requirements, we’ll be able to supply you with the smart home system you need.

Picture this – entering your home and pressing a welcome button or giving a voice command. The ground floor lighting turns on, the shades open, heating turns onto your favourite preset and the kitchen speakers begin to play your Spotify playlist. The possibilities are near endless and fully tailored to you and your home.

A smart home system can be added to a existing installation by using wireless controls or hard wired to a centralised panel for new installation’s.

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