Can I install a smart system without re-wiring?

Many people think that a smart system installation would require a rewire of their property. This is not the case as they can be installed wirelessly without any additional wiring and disruption to the décor.

For many years, the long-held consensus in the custom installation community was that without a solid wired framework to build upon, it was difficult to create a smart residence that could be easily controlled. The alternatives were simply nowhere near as effective (or secure) and would usually tie a homeowner down to a small pool of products that inevitably limited the functionality of the finished property.

These fears were not necessarily unfounded. For the majority of larger properties, creating a connected home from the foundations up results in a wider range of intelligent features that can be incorporated into the property, as well as greater scope for customising a solution to meet the homeowner’s needs. Yet there are certainly scenarios when a smart home retrofit would be preferable to opening up the walls and rewiring the entire property.

If, for example, a homeowner only decides to incorporate home automation after the first fix has already been done, or if a family decides they want to convert an existing home into a smart residence, then a retrofit is assuredly the more intelligent solution.