Smart home automation

Smart homes are the latest must have for tech savvy home owners that integrate lighting, audio, video, security, climate control, blinds & curtains onto one manageable touchscreen hub.


At innovation smart homes we understand that home security is very important and that’s why we offer the very best in CCTV quality. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into our control system so you can see your cameras from either your Television or Iphone/Ipad.We’ll not only carry out the CCTV installations but plan, design and provide advice on integrating CCTV technology into your home – having great quality cameras are important but focusing on areas that are most vulnerable is key to protecting your home.

Intruder Alarms

Innovation smart homes are experts in security for both homes and businesses, we only use the very latest technology to provide the best protection possible.

A intruder alarm system from is a great investment, remaining functional in the long-term and protecting premises for years to come.

If you value the security of your home or have spent years building up a successful business, why wouldn’t you choose the best quality alarm system available?

Home Cinema

Our Expert team design, project manage and install a wide range of specialist home theatre systems and aim to give you the best cinema experience possible.

Whether you would like a discreet cinema system that disappears into your existing space or create a dedicated cinema room, we can provide a solution for you. We will expertly design a system suitable for your room size that will give you an immersive cinema experience of fantastic High Definition Picture and sound. We choose carefully the equipment that will complement each other and cleverly calibrate it to give you optimum sound performance.

Multiroom Audio

Imagine all your favourite music and movies in the highest quality in every room at touch of a button. Here at innovation smart homes we can bring all your digital media including- ITunes, Spotify.

Using top manufactures like Blustream, Monitor Audio and Sonos to distribute sound, we can offer uncompromising quality throughout your home.

Whether you are a builder, architect, developer or home owner we are here to help. We offer a complete service from design through to installation.

Electrical Installation

Innovation smart homes are a NAPIT registered contractor so we can carry out electrical work to the latest regulations and are inspected annually to ensure compliance.

Not only can carry out your smart home installation but can also install all the other parts of your electrical installation.

Wifi and Networking

We have years of experience to make sure only the latest high speed data network is installed into your home to form the very back bone that all smart homes require. By creating a stable Wired and Wireless network in your home, you can be assured of full connectivity that is vital to you.

Our Installers have undergone years of experience installing networks so you can be sure your devices are connected reliably and seamlessly throughout your home, garden or wherever you need.