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Following the sale of his company to Adidas, Florian Gschwandtner stepped down from his position as CEO of Runtastic at the end of 2018. As the former CEO of a million-dollar company, Florian has had limited time for family, friends and leisure. Since leaving the company he has been investing in up-and-coming start-up companies and spending far more time with his loved ones.

From a student apartment
to his own home

Until recently Florian lived in the student apartment where Runtastic was born. Now, with more time on his hands, he has finally moved into a new home. At the beginning of 2019, planning began for his new apartment in the heart of Linz. For Florian, efficiency and effectiveness are of paramount importance – he does not only expect these qualities of himself but also from his home. To achieve this it quickly became clear that the option was to make his home a Loxone Smart Home. Thanks to the extensive level of control from the Loxone Miniserver, Florian’s new home works just as effectively as the entrepreneur always wanted.


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